Did you know your Christmas tree can last up to 6 weeks!

Unlock the secrets to keeping your tree fresh and fragrant for an enchanting six weeks.

Tree Care

Cut Trees (Radiata Pines)

1. Hose down outside: (optional) although we've done our best to check the trees for spiders, we recommend giving them a LOW PRESSURE hose down outside before taking inside. This also keeps the needles moist.  

2. CUT 2.5cm off the bottom of the trunk. When you get home and are ready to put into a water holding stand to open up trees vessels that allows your tree to absorb water.

3. Fill stand with water and check daily

Your tree can absorb 3 litres of water a day! So check the levels daily or better still get one of the kids to do it. We advice if your stand goes dry, recut the base of the tree to allow water to be absorbed again., securing all 3 bolts firmly.  

4. Keep away from direct heat, AC or sunlight: Place your tree in a shaded part of the room, or at least away from direct sunlight/AC or heat as it will dry out the tree in half a week.  

5. Spray every 3 days (optional) Fill an old spray bottle with water and spray the needles (not if you're using electric lights) we recommend battery powered


Contact us if you have any more questions.